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Roof Shingle Cost per Square Foot
Roofing Costs Charlotte

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Roof Shingle Cost per Square Foot

Roof Shingle Cost per Square Foot

The cost of roof shingles varies by the type and the size of the shingle. Whether you choose asphalt, wood, clay, or another material, determines the pricing per square foot. For the purposes of the cost per square foot, we will use asphalt shingles as an example. Most general contracting roofers charge between $3.50 - $5.50 per square foot. Keep in mind there are other costs involved, such as sealers, flashing 1, or replacing decking. These items can add $1,000+ to the cost of the shingles.  Let the best roofers in charlotte help you make the right decision.  We at Best Roofing Now believe in educating as a top priority whether you choose us or not.   Information provided by

Size of roof


1,200 sq.ft.


1,500 sq.ft.


1,700 sq.ft.


2,000 sq.ft.


2,500 sq.ft.


3,500 sq.ft.


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