Why We're Different

Best Roofing Now delivers "worry-free" roofing services to residential and commercial properties in Charlotte, NC, and surrounding areas. The business is structured as a Limited Liability Corporation, operating under father and son entrepreneurs Fred and James Turner. Founded in 2021, Best Roofing Now began operations in January.

We recognize the busy lives of residential homeowners and commercial business proprietors and want to bring essential roofing services like inspections, installations, repairs, upgrade, and maintenance to their doorsteps. Best Roofing Now conveniently provides comprehensive consumer education for roofing insurance claims because we wholeheartedly believe in full transparency. We offer a Lifetime Warranty for our reliable roofing systems because we have that much faith in the quality of our work. Other roofing companies simply cannot match the integrity and dedication of Best Roofing Now. We are fully committed to doing what we say, on time, every time.

Leading the Way in Roofing Repair & Education

Best Roofing Now is here to help any consumer looking for roofing services in the Charlotte, NC area. Everyone is entitled to the information necessary to make an educated decision, no matter if you decide to choose us or not.







Work Hard


Play Hard




Why Choose Us?

Integrity with Transparency

Can two opposites really be one value.  Here at Best Roofing Now they are!  We as a company devote ourselves to having Integrity, but thats not enough.  So we decided not to just tell you we are honest but to show you by being truly transparent.  We are technologically advanced beyond most competitors in the East.  We fly drones so you can see whats going on.  We do it with you or make videos and pictures for you to see.

Love of Community

We are Committed to our Clients and our Staff. We believe once we meet or speak we are then committed to you whether that means working with you or just giving you free advice. We are here for you and committed to our community.  We want to help more if you know of a community that needs help please reach out to us.

Work Hard to Play Hard

We value transparent relationships with our friends and family. As a whole, a team will always work better if all its members know and agree with the goals that move them and the methods that are being used.  Thats why it is so important to have fun as well and have a strong work life balance.  We Work Hard and then we enjoy life in our free time.  If your not enjoying life then why work hard. 

Sharing Our Knowledge

Education is a big part of what we do. It comes back to Integrity and Transparency in what we do. We give you all the information so that you may make an educated decision whether or not you choose us we are still available to share. Flying our drone and showing you what is going on with your roof. With your own webpage for your project you can watch how to videos and watch us live and learn.  Being transparent and sharing knowledge (not only making it public but explaining, teaching) also levels the field for everyone, which allows for informed decisions and ownership over them.

Commitment to Excellence

Perfection is the unattainable thing you strive for when you are trying to prove something to yourself or others. Excellence, on the other hand, is the confident pursuit of the highest quality when you believe in what you are doing and that its value warrants your persistence.

By providing you with first class service from the start we strive for excellence in all we do. We keep a project manager on site during your project and update pictures and videos during the entire process. If we say we think insurance will cover your roof we mean it. If you don't have damage we monitor you for when you do. Never worry again by calling The Best Roofing Company that stays with you for life.